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Pregnancy & Parenthood are incredibly powerful and empowering experiences. We watch our bumps grow and dream about the perfect little life we are creating. Then we finally meet little miss or mister and he or she manages to totally and completely surpass all our expectations of beauty and love (sort of like your images after a photo-shoot with DWM Photography ….hee hee).

OF COURSE every parent out there knows its not all foot massages, heart-melting sonograms and sweet baby smells with bumps and babies, it could be a very anxious and trying time for even the yummiest of mummies.

 BUT (here comes the pitch), it’s also true what ELSE they say: They grow up sooo fast! In the blink of an eye really. And even though it may feel like you don’t have a moment to blink anymore, you still see them blossom and change every day…And while its impossible to hold on to every precious moment, DWM Photography can beautifully capture a few little milestones to make your heart skip a beat, time and again…up to, including and extending beyond the moment you are sending them off to uni.




YOUR BUMP and/or BABY PHOTOSHOOT with us, true to our style and philosophy, will be relaxed, unhurried and private. We pick a location and time most suitable for the family and ensure we take as many breaks as needed for Baby and Mum (and Dad of course) to be happy.

I only schedule 2-3 session per week to give my clients the level of bespoke service I aim for.

We offer an entirely bespoke service, tailored to suit the requirements of every client.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with an exceptional artistic standard of images, attention to detail and client service.





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