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Copyright of our Images

Copyright is the lifeblood of any visual artist.The granting of licenses for third parties to use photographs is the basis for the business of any photographer. This is how I feed my children and how I pay my mortgage. If someone uses one of my pictures without permission, then they are not just stealing the usage fee, they are potentially reducing the value of the picture itself, whether by a process of repetition or by compromising any legitimate image usage deals.
If you have any questions at all regarding copyright please do not hesitate to contact David directly to discuss.  

Thomas & Daizie
Carlton Towers 
Photoshoot with fantastic models and a stunning venue.
Retford Steam Punk 
Retford's THIRD Steampunk Festival, bringing the local community together, showcasing local traders and artisans, and introducing Retford to all our visitors from out of town.
The Saturday Hour
The Web Guys
Yorkshire Fillies Gun dog Girls 
The Yorkshire Fillies are teaming up with the Gun dog Girls for a Girls, Guns and Dogs day !! 
Arrive at 9.30 for a bacon sarnie and enjoy a day of clay shooting, gundog competitions, and cake with some fabulous ladies... You will shoot 40 clays under expert instruction and take part in a gundog scurry & mini working test with your own dog or gundog experience for those of you without a dog.
Martin Gaunt
Daniel Edwards
Sarah Woodwards
Sheila Stamp LLB MCMI
Marie-Claire Holman
Fiona Smith
Shannon Addison-Jones
Barry Dovey
Ranskill Dog Show 2017-06-11
Beckingham Fun Dog Show 2017-05-07
Kit Newborn 2017-02-14
Retford SteamPunk 2017-02-11
Christmas Dogs 2016-12-21
Rebecca Maternity 2016-12-30
Bernadette Treen
John Ohare 2016-10-08
Hobo pace Wheatley 10mile 2016-07-10
Vickie P 2016-05-27
Julie Cherry 2016-05-16
Hobo Pace 30/40 Miles 2016-05-14
HOBO Pace 2016-02-13 
The Dukeries 10 is open to Runners & Walkers. A circular 10.8 mile loop ideal for those new to running trails or to those who wish to enjoy a safe and scenic supported walk with friends. Equally, this race is also great for experience runners seeking a fast and runnable flat trail to push the pace!
Gringley on the Hill
Matilda 2015-12-06
Dogs 2015-10-25
Niamh Prom Night 2015-07-02 
Prom night with friends
Danielle 2015-04-30
Charn 2015-03-31
Matilda Glassbrook 2015-03-02
Frisby Concert 2013-12-14
Colton Concert
Megan Spinks 2015-01-26
Pete Colton 2015-01-17
Bawtry Boxing Day
Kirton 2014-11-30
Kirton 2014-11-29 
A 20% discount is available on orders over 15 if placed before 6th December 2014
Kirton 2014-11-15 
Bike & Quad day at Kirton Off Road Centre
Kirton 2014-10-26
Personal Samples
Rebecca Collection 2014-10-04
Allex 2014-09-25 
Digital copies are available free of charge by just going through the buy process.
Jenson Kemm 
Fun photo's of a wonderfull, happy little boy.
Ruth & Ben Wedding
SkateBoarding 2014-09-16 
A few of the guys having a great time at the skate park in Gainsborough.
Ella Pryor 2014-03-27
Shotgun Angels 2013-11-02

Just some of the products I can supply


A stunning glossy or lustre print on genuine photographic paper and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

A Great Collection of Prints. You receive 1 10"x8" colour 1 10"x8" Black and white, 2 8"x6"'s colour and 1 sheet of Mini Prints. All packed into a fun and colourful folder

Image printed on professional quality photographic paper, flush mounted on 7mm board and anti-scratch sealed. Framed in a real wood 50mm deep Mahogany stained frame, ready to hang.
2 double-sided Acrylic Keyrings. Finished ready to use

A photograph of your choice on one side of a high-quality mug, the image can be vertical or horizontal, the mug is dishwasher proof but for durability, we would advise care of your image and wash by hand.